Critical Information Summary

Information about the Service

Free calls
  • All VoIP calls (including to FreeCall members)
  • All 1800 calls in Australia
Receive PSTN calls
  • Use our Gateways to receive call from normal phone
  • Save caller STD charges as we've Gateways in most capital cities
Calling without VoIP
  • Use our Gateways to call anywhere (including overseas) while you don't have access to VoIP
  • Great to double up as a calling card when you're traveling
  • Automatic recharge account
  • You can preset low balance and topup amount. Example: Add $20 when balance is less than $5
  • Tax Invoice by email after each topup
  • Credit card authorisation is required
No Contract Period
  • All our plans are monthly plans
  • There's no minimum contract period. You can terminate your plan any time
  • Email notification (with/without message attached)
  • Dial 101 to retrieve messages
  • Personalised greetings
Call Forwarding
  • Call forward all
  • Call forward when busy
  • Call forward when no answer
  • Call forward when no Internet
  • Easy setup via Web or phone
Phone Book
  • Store up to 9 system memories for any phone numbers
  • Including complex VoIP dial strings. Example:
Itemised Call Details
  • Itemised call details are available on-line the moment you've finished the call
  • Include free, chargeable and incoming calls
Fair Use Policy
  • Fair use policy applies to all plans
  • Please refer to our Terms & Conditions for the latest details

Free Add-ons



Send SMS with your own CallerID (word or numbers) online or using your own software
Receiving incoming SMS messages via email
SMS Number is required to receive messages



Send fax with your own CSID and CallerID online or via email (Email-To-Fax option is required)
Delivered fax is charged 10¢ per page
Receive incoming fax by email
Fax Line is required to receive faxes



Your 24x7 reception with multiple timetables on how you'd like to handle your calls.
Changes can be made online anytime from anywhere.
Metro Number is required for this option

Call Back


Don't pay those expensive calls when you're travelling.
Just have FreeCall to call you and your destination at the same time for you.



Multi-parties conference facilities
Participants can use Freecall account or Gateway access
Conference is secured by PIN of your choice when book on-line

Group Call

Group Call

Caller can reach multiple destinations at the same time. Example: Head and branch offices
Destinations can be FreeCall account, normal telephone (including overseas) or other VoIP phone numbers
Destinations can be changed anytime on our portal
Metro Number is required for this option



Send pre-recorded announcement to large number of people quickly
Example: Today's event cancelled due to poor weather



Notify up to 5 persons at the same time or sequentially in case of emergency.
Great for seniors, people with medical conditions or anyone who may need urgent help.



Text-to-speech service that can call someone on your behalf and then read out your message in spoken words
You can use this service online, via email or SMS

Information about Pricing

Single Channel Plans


  • Landlines at 10¢/call
  • 13/1300 at 25¢/call
  • Mobiles at 18¢/minute
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  • Unlimited Local & National Calls
  • 13/1300 at 25¢/call
  • Mobiles at 18¢/minute
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  • Unlimited Local & National Calls
  • Unlimited 13/1300 Calls
  • Mobiles at 18¢/minute
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  • Unlimited Local & National Calls
  • Unlimited 13/1300 Calls
  • Unlimited Mobiles Calls
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Multi Channels Plan (SIP Trunk)


  • Landlines at 1¢/minute or 10¢/call
  • 13/1300 at 25¢/call
  • Mobiles at 15¢/minute
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  • Per Channel Pricing
  • Unlimited Local, National & Mobiles Calls
  • Unlimited 13/1300 Calls
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Cloud Office System (WebRTC Phone)


  • Up to 3 extensions
  • Landlines at 1¢/minute
  • Mobiles at 15¢/minute
  • SMS at 10¢/message
  • Fax at 10¢/page
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  • Up to 5 extensions
  • Landlines 800 minutes
  • Mobiles 250 minutes
  • SMS 100 messages
  • Fax 50 pages
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  • Up to 10 extensions
  • Landlines 1,000 minutes
  • Mobiles 500 minutes
  • SMS 200 messages
  • Fax 100 pages
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Other Information

Metro Number
  • Metro Number(DID) is conventional telephone number for receiving calls
  • Metro Number isn't portable and not listed on telephone directory
  • There's no guarantee that emergency services can accurately locate you when you call as you can use your account from anywhere
  • The costs of calling the Metro Number is based on the number, not the location where the call is answered
  • Metro Number can receive up to 10 calls simultaneously (similar to a rotary line)
  • You can also port your existing number to Freecall for receiving calls ($20 one-off setup)
  • Subscription is $5/month (autopay from account balance)
  • Sub-account shares call credit of the main account so call credit is not required
  • Subscription is $2/month (autopay from account balance)
  • Sub-Account option is only available to Foundation Plan
Fax Line
  • Fax Line is conventional telephone number for receiving faxes
  • Incoming faxes will be emailed to you in PDF format
  • You can also port your existing number to Freecall as Fax Line ($20 one-off setup)
  • Subscription is $5/month (autopay from account balance)
  • Send fax directly from email with your own CSID and CallerID
  • Allow up to 10 email addresses in one account
  • Delivered fax is charged at 10¢ per page
  • Subscription is $5/month (autopay from account balance)
SMS Number
SMS Number is for receiving SMS messages to email. There's no setup fee and no contract period. A choice of dedicated or shared number is available:
  • Dedicated - all incoming SMS messages go to email. Monthly service fee is $30
  • Shared - more cost-effective but limited to receive from a list of known numbers
The following shared monthly plans are available:
  • $5 - for up to 10 mobiles
  • $10 - for up to 30 mobiles
  • $15 - for up to 50 mobiles
International DID
  • 65 countries and thousands of local area codes
  • Multi-channels (up to 10 calls at the same time)
  • Pay by the month, no long term contract
  • Starting from $5/month (autopay from account balance)
Calls Recording
  • Both incoming and outgoing calls can be recorded
  • Listen to the recordings on portal any time
  • Recordings are stored up to 2 months
  • Please ensure privacy laws are complied
  • Subscription is $10/month per account

Things you should know

1. Service fee is not call credit
2. We regret there's no refund on call credit or part subscription
3. Call credit never expires
4. Single channel means one call at any one time from one location
5. Continue to use our services constitute your acceptance of our Terms and Conditions
6. If you have a complaint, we request that you give us the chance to resolve it and go to the TIO as the last resort